What happens during each lesson?

Our driving instructors are trained to teach you theory and practical, ensuring that you receive the best tuition possible. At the end of each driving lesson you and your driving instructor will recap what you learnt and set an objective of what you will learn during the next lesson as this will help you maintain a steady progress.

How many lessons will I need?

There is no exact figure as to how many driving lessons you will need, as this varies from person to person and their driving skills. A rough guide to how many driving lessons you will need is set out by the DVSA, who say on average a student requires a minimum of 45 hours of professional tuition to pass their driving tests first time round. After taking a few professional lessons from your instructor, your instructor will be able to tell you how much more training you need to gain based on your current driving skills.

What is the duration of lessons?

Each lesson lasts the duration of an hour – to take advantage it’s advisable to do block booking as it reduces the cost per hour, saving you money.

Who's allowed to teach or supervise me when I'm driving?

Anyone who is at least 21 years old and has held a full EU motor car licence for at least 3 years can supervise your private practice. It is illegal for anyone else other than a registered driving instructor to charge money for teaching you to drive. The vehicle must be insured for you to drive.

I have an international license, what do I need to do?

If you hold a full international license you are entitled to drive in the U.K. for one year from the date of your arrival, However, you cannot take your theory or practical tests without a UK provisional license so you should apply for this as soon as you start taking lessons.

How do I know I'm ready for my driving test?

You will be ready for the test when you show that you have reached the standards set in The Official Driving Test. Learners who pass first time do so because they are well instructed and get plenty of practice. They pass because they wait until they are ready. Our instructors have the knowledge and experience to advise you when this is. It is their responsibility to ensure that you are capable and safe to drive alone, without supervision.

If you book your test without our prior approval, we may not allow you the use of the school cars. We do not like having to refuse, but the safety of you, the examiner and other road users is our primary responsibility. Most people fail their driving test, so are you really ready? The pass rate for the practical car test is 43%, and for first time candidates it’s even lower. The reason for such a low success rate is because candidates are not properly prepared.

You must be able to drive consistently well, with confidence and without help or guidance from your instructor. If you can’t then you are not ready for your test. If the examiner has to intervene then you will have failed the test.

Those who pass have had, on average, about 45 hours of professional training, combined with 25 hours of private practice. Candidates who combine professional instruction with private practice are also more successful on the test. Remember that it’s practice that makes perfect, it’s perfect that will pass the test.

What is Pass Plus?

The Pass Plus course is a training course that has been specifically designed by the DVSA (Driving and Vehicle Standards Agency) for new drivers. Its aim is to give new drivers extra confidence on the roads after passing their driving test and it carries a number of benefits.

Not only will it make you a more confident driver, capable of dealing with all kinds of modern hazards such as busy motorways and city centre one-way systems, it may also give you a significant discount on your motor insurance.

No matter where you have taken your original driving lessons the Pass Plus will teach you how to deal with a wide range of different roads and traffic.

The course does not require you to take a test at the end but will assess your progress throughout.

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