If you’re on the search for a reliable driving school in Manor Park, you’ve come to the right place. Our instructors have been delivering driving lessons in the area for more than 15 years, having taught across various driving schools and finally setting with us. We’re East London’s Finest, the finest driving school according to our previous students on Google and Facebook.

What makes our driving lessons differ from other providers? We weight our focus towards producing safe drivers. It’s the best way to pass your driving test first time – by knowing how to respond safely to unexpected road situations during the test. That’s the very reason we can boast about our high pass rate, because of our success formula which we teach our students. All of our instructors are fluent in English, unlike other schools, and know best how to communicate with learners. Each learner is different, some learn better through a live demonstration, some through apps and others through books. Whatever your learning method is, our instructors can cater to it always.

Furthermore, we have a guaranteed driving time rule. Every one of our instructors will expect their students to be behind the wheel for the majority, if not all, of lesson 2. We do this because we want our students becoming confident as quick as possible on the road, it gives them more opportunities to tackle real driving situations which they may face during their driving test. Our measure of success is how fast we can get a learner to become a road-ready and safe driver – many do it well within 30-40 hours. The question is, will it be you?

If you have doubts, we understand. That’s the very reason we have an introductory offer for new learners. By taking advantage of this offer, you can assess our teaching methods and our driving school. The offer is £20 per hour for your first two hours. There’s no commitment whatsoever if you decide to take these lessons and you’re free to compare with other driving schools.

If you’re interested in driving lessons in Manor Park with us, please get in contact by calling us or the bookings page. Alternatively, you can use the contact page to ask us some questions. We’re always on call to help you accelerate your driving journey.

Pass Plus Courses

Drivers will begin to realise they’re skipping or forgetting skills they learned during their initial set of lessons in the first few years of being on the road. Shore up the foundation of your driving skills with one of the DVSA’s newly introduced Pass Plus course. It’s only 6 hours, extremely flexible and can help reduce driving insurance costs too.

Refresher Courses

Have you stopped driving? Simply go over skills that you learned as part of your first set of lessons a year or more ago. Brush up on skills that you knew when you “used” to drive. A refresher course is a great idea in a wide array of circumstances.

Intensive Driving Courses

Most people will book driving lessons on the schedule that suits them – if yours is a very strict, short time frame then you might consider booking an intensive driving course in East London. Our driving school offers a range of schedules ranging from one to twelve weeks, so you can match any deadline.

Driving Theory Test Booking

There are two parts of your driving theory test: the multiple choice question section, and the hazard perception portion. Study hard, get prepared, and you’ll pass the first time. All ready to start your driving lessons in East London.

Practical Driving Test

Book your theory test in London, pass it, and you’ll be ready to take your practical test – at least in theory! Most of the students we have will have to pass their practical driving exam as their main goal. Here you’ll get the support and expert training you need to make your first attempt a successful one.

Driving Instructor Training

Prepare yourself to be a driving instructor in your own right by practising and studying for your Advanced Driving Instructor certification levels one, two, and three. Our support includes one-to-one tuition to make sure you know what you need to know in order to get the result you need in your examination.

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